What is the state of awe?

First off – what is “AWE”?

Awe is an intense emotion typically elicited by something vast, powerful, or transcendent. People often experience awe in response to natural wonders, such as a stunning sunset or a majestic mountain range, or when witnessing incredible feats of human achievement, such as a world record-breaking athletic performance.

Research has shown that experiencing awe has positive effects on physical and mental health. For example, individuals who experience “awe” tend to feel more connected to others, have a greater sense of purpose, and experience less stress and anxiety.

The state of awe is an experience of life through the lens of love and a feeling of deep connection.

The link between awe and spirituality is a fascinating aspect. 

Several psychologists, such as Dacher Keltner, Jonathan Haidt, Paul Piff, Michelangelo Vianello, and Jennifer Stellar, have explored the connection between awe and spirituality or a perception of something greater than oneself.

Exploring awe and peak performance, “Stealing Fire” the book by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal takes us on a journey into altered states of consciousness. This journey involves practices – such as meditation and mindfulness, unlocking the potential for heightened creativity, productivity, and well-being.

“Mindfulness practices can contribute to experiences of awe and spiritual well-being.”

Awe can also be attained by more secular experiences, such as being completely absorbed in viewing a stunning piece of art or listening to a powerful piece of music. It is really about the feeling when something touches your heart in such a way that you burst with a sense of unconditional love.

In the quest to explore awe in the modern era, I came across the perspective of Jason Silva – a modern-day performance philosopher and self-described wonder-junkie:

hardtfeld - maintaining the state of awe with Jason Silva

Silva uses broadcasting, online media, and lecture halls to share his contagious zest for awe-inspiring phenomena. Described as the “Timothy Leary of the Viral Video Age,” he infects people with optimism, emphasizing the importance of embracing creativity and the “flow” state.

He writes and produces short films and was also the Emmy-nominated host of National Geographic’s hit TV series “Brain Games,” airing in over 100 countries during seasons 2-8.

Jason is active on Instagram and Youtube.

How to bridge the gap from flow state to the state of awe? 

My experience of “flow” is more like being 100% absorbed in what you do:

Time flies – you feel you are on the right track – and any pursuit –  like writing or composing for example, happens like a “download”. 

Awe is more the expression of childlike wonder and love:

To enter and maintain the personal state of awe involves exercising self-love. This practice entails stripping away outer mind conditioning, comparison, and competition. Retreating into complete and utter silence and solitude is needed to get a “feel and a hear” for what might seem a feeble voice: 

Hardtfeld - maintaining the state of Awe

Always returning to the very source:

Your heart. Your breath.

This genius teamwork in coherence works like an amplifier for all the giant wonders and magical goings-on inside your body.

The synergy between heart and breath is a powerful conductor, orchestrating the rhythm of your existence. It’s not just a physical collaboration; it’s a harmonious partnership that extends to the core of your being.

This concept aligns with heart brain coherence – further exploring the relationship between the heart’s activity and brain function. Techniques such as intentional breathing and yes, again: mindfulness practices contribute to achieving this harmonious state, fostering physiological balance and influencing mental and emotional well-being. To me it is like we are being the perfect musical instrument: playing the souls melody – resonating in accordance within the divine symphony of the universal mind. Like every instrument it needs good care and tuning.

Turn inside anytime to enter!

In the realm of awe, the conscious return to your heart and breath becomes a deliberate act of tuning into this symphony. 

To deepen your understanding of this harmonious interplay, explore your hologenetic Gene Keys profile – a unique transmission that encapsulates the essence of your genetic makeup and potential. Enhance the coherence between your heart and brain:


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The work with the Gene Keys invites you to reconnect with the foundational elements of your existence and embark on a journey toward a STATE OF AWE
transcending the physical and touching the realms of interconnected wonder.

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Remembering who you are and what you are here for – 
is the soil for your state of awe.


My aim is to help you
rise in love with yourself again.




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