Channeling and mediumship – attuning to receive higher communication and insights.

What is Channelling &  what is Mediumship?

Some call it intuition or gut feeling – you might have experienced it when in “the flow” creating.

I remember the first time I consciously realised – while writing lyrics for a song – how I felt deeply connected to something outside of me: The words were flowing effortlessly: I would just write and write. Then I would finetune the wording a little bit – and there it was: A complete song, or story – or later in my carrer life – a business outline.

I realized that I was “connected” in moments of unforced creation.
The ingredients were to be in love with what I was doing and to allow inspiration to come in without limiting thoughts or expectations of the outcome.

Years later, when my work also included personal and brand consulting – I almost had nothing to prepare when meeting with clients or mentees. When I felt safe and appreciated, when I intrinsically knew I had nothing to prove – the words and wisdom would flow right in – leaving everyone involved with goosebumps, utter joy and a raised level of energy.

I then learned that when you have goosebumps and the hairs on your skin are standing up, it is referred to as “having chills” or experiencing “hair standing on end.” This physiological reaction is known as piloerection. It can occur in response to various stimuli, including strong emotions like fear, excitement, or the sense of awe, (as well as in response to cold temperatures, haha).

I love to see it as antennas for connecting with the divine forces of creation – an affirmation of being on the right track, if you will.  

Consider this: Your brain is freed of the egoic construct and turns into a “radio” tuned in to the right frequency to translate energy – like a collaboration with higher spirits.

When I do card readings, it is most evident: There is a profound wisdom in the interpretations – that surely does not come from me. Afterward, I often do not even recall what I have said, but the receiver of the message is moved and presented with a practical solution for the question they sought an answer to.


Some famous channelers in history :

Jane Roberts, Seth
An American author and medium who channeled an entity named Seth. Her channeling sessions produced a series of influential books known as the Seth Material, which gained widespread recognition.

Dion Fortune
A British occultist, Fortune claimed to channel messages from spiritual beings and wrote extensively on topics related to esotericism and mysticism.

Alice Baily
An influential writer and theosophist, Bailey claimed to receive teachings from a spiritual entity known as Djwhal Khul through a form of automatic writing

Aleister Crowley
While controversial, Crowley claimed to have received messages from a being named Aiwass, which formed the basis of his spiritual philosophy known as Thelema.

Andrew Jackson Davis
Often called the “Poughkeepsie Seer,” Davis was a 19th-century American trance medium who delivered lectures and writings while in a trance state.

Here’s a brief overview of each:

Channeling involves allowing an external entity, often considered to be of a higher spiritual consciousness, to communicate through an individual.

The channeler typically enters a meditative or altered state of consciousness. In this state, they may receive messages, information, or guidance from the entity they are channeling.

Channeling is applied to gain spiritual insights, receive guidance, and access higher knowledge. Some channelers claim to connect with spirit guides, ascended masters, or extraterrestrial beings.

Channeling and mediumship are both practices associated with communicating with entities or energies beyond the physical realm.

Contemporary channelers:

Esther Hicks –  Abraham // Daryl Anka – Bashar

Lee Harris – The “Z’s” // Paul Selig – The Guides

Mediumship is the practice of connecting with and communicating with spirits of the deceased. Mediums act as intermediaries between the living and the spirit world. 

Mediums actually channel aswell from non-corporeal entities with the focus on showing the continuity of consciosness – serving as evidence that death is only for the physical body. Mediumship provides comfort for those still in the physical body, offering solace and closure to individuals who have lost loved ones. 

Mediums and channelers alike apply various techniques to receive messages and impressions, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, or trance states, to establish a connection with spirits. 

Some well-known mediums in history include:

 Edgar Cayce 
Often referred to as “the sleeping Prophet,” Cayce was a renowned American psychic and clairvoyant who provided numerous readings on various subjects, including health, past lives, and spirituality.

Eileen J. Garrett
An Irish medium, Garrett was the founder of the Parapsychology Foundation. She was known for her work in trance mediumship and her contributions to the field of parapsychology.

Gordon Higginson
A prominent British medium, Higginson served as the President of the Spiritualists’ National Union. He was widely respected for his evidential mediumship.

Estelle Roberts
Another notable British medium,  Estelle Roberts was known for her platform mediumship and was a well-respected figure in the Spiritualist movement.

D. D. Home (Daniel Dunglas Home)
A Scottish-American medium known for his physical mediumship phenomena, including levitation and materializations.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Although primarily known as a co-founder of Theosophy, Blavatsky was also a medium and claimed to receive teachings from various ascended masters.

Arthur Ford 
An American psychic medium, Ford was known for his trance channeling and for claiming to communicate with deceased individuals, including the famous magician Harry Houdini.

These mediums played significant roles in the history of mediumship and spiritualism, and their contributions continue to be studied and discussed in the field of psychic phenomena.

Contemporary well known Mediums

Laura Lynne Jackson // Suzanne Geismann // Birgit Fischer
John Edward // James Van Praagh

Ethical mediumship emphasizes the importance of offering messages from the deceased with compassion, sensitivity, and responsibility. It’s crucial for mediums to approach their work with integrity.

Both channeling and mediumship are deeply spiritual practices and can offer comfort, guidance, and insights to those who seek them. The benefits are:

– From my experience, channeling can serve as a wellspring of creative inspiration, unlocking new ideas, perspectives, and solutions that may not have been accessible through conventional thinking.

– Spiritual Growth and Understanding:
Channeling and mediumship can provide deeper insights into spiritual realms, helping you to connect with higher consciousness and gain a broader understanding of existence beyond the physical world.

– Through channeling, you may tap into your innate wisdom, accessing guidance that empowers you to make informed decisions and navigate life’s challenges more confidently. 

Engaging in mediumship or channeling can facilitate emotional healing by allowing individuals to communicate with departed loved ones or to receive guidance from higher beings, leading to a sense of emotional release and catharsis.

These practices can broaden one’s perspective on reality, challenging conventional beliefs and opening the mind to new possibilities and dimensions of existence. What I find intriguing is how most of the channelers and mediums with general “downloads ” seem to convey the same messages and insight. 

Mind you, it’s essential when engaging in these practices to do so with respect, discernment, and a commitment to ethical conduct. I especially would like to emphasize the need for balance, as always: 

Engaging in highly spiritual practices is all very well and fine – as long as you also seek grounding techniques to not only branch out into higher realms but also seek to expand the roots into our earthly existence. What I find intriguing is how most of the channelers and mediums with general “downloads ” seem to convey the same messages and insight. 

This is what we here for – to evolve in both directions: Mastering being human and integrating spirit.

If you are interested in channelling / or mediumship – these are the first steps:

  • Cleanse your body – detox from anything that
    clogs your system
  • Apply realaxation techniques 
  • Deepen your meditation practice to attune with higher frequencies 
  • Hemisync your brain – learn about heart/ brain coherence
  • Get in to the habit of automatic writing
  • Read the channeld masters that came before you
  • Set an intention as to why and what information // insight you wish to receive
  • Commitment to the regular practice of channeling and mediumship can heighten your intuitive abilities and sensitivity to subtle energies, enhancing your overall awareness and perceptiveness.


My aim is to help you
rise in love with yourself again.




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